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5 Best Audio Books To Listen To While Driving

Books are good companions to those who love to read. However, finding the time to read could pose a difficult venture especially as you go about your busy schedules. Here, is where audiobooks come in handy. Having the written words on the pages (of your favorite book) played out into your hearing could help to preserve your passion for books. One feature that makes reading of audiobooks unique is the observable slow pace with which the reader reels out the words-which makes the words to sink in. Hence, audiobooks are yet items to have around while going/driving on a long trip. They serve a variety of purposes; ranging from being used as learning aid to serving as a tool for entertainment.

And talking about entertainment the audiobooks of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series gives you nearly the same thrill you get when watching the movie. The expertise of the reader, Jim Dale makes the series' audiobook worth listening to. Dale's mastery of the each character's voice brings the dramatic spice (of the play) to the fold. The series should certainly take you through that trip as you get absorbed in the story.

Furthermore, there are some other audiobooks that will help you have a pleasurable ride down from your route. Some of them are listed below:

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Read by the author herself, the book tells of the story of an aspiring writer's sojourn to find a better life. In the course of her escapade, she found love. The book evolves through scenes of mixed feelings with Smith- the protagonist- having to suffer the loss of her lover and friend.

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Life after life narrated (by Fenella Woolgar) is a blockbuster that tells the tale of a girl, Ursula Todd who died and came back- born again- to life over and over again until her fourth coming. With a captivating allure, Kate Atkinson seems to make the 'unbelievable' believable in this masterpiece.

Masterminds By Gordon Kormon

Looking for an audiobook that keeps the family bond intact? Then Masterminds by Gordon Kormon is one to go for. The book which was narrated by the quintet of Kelly Badgley, Tarah Consoli, Ramon de Ocampo, Mike Rylander and Maxwell Glick centers on Eli. Eli was a young intuitive lad who pushes beyond his comfort zone in an attempt to unravel a mystery.

Handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood

Read by Joanna David; Handmaid's tale relays the story of Offred, a handmaid in a location called the 'Republic of Gilead'. It tells of the story of a woman who started life at a comfortable pace but was made to go through some hard times with the brutal change in administration that took place in Gilead.

Winnie the Pooh By A.A. Milne

With the children on board, the audiobook of this classic as read by Stephen Fry, Judi Den, Michael and some other voice-overs will certainly ensure an exciting ride down the road.

Audiobooks are quite much and easy to come by on the internet but getting one that satisfies your listening pleasure could prove daunting. However, any one of the highlighted ones (above) should keep you on the go.

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