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Film in Brief:
One-Line Reviews

By Kenneth Brady

Our man in Hollywood gives you the morning line on the latest flicks -
because some of them aren't even worth wasting seven words on,
never mind seven bucks...
if you really want to know more...
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This is not the sequel you're looking for.

It's about crisis, and transformation, about faith and death and the grand scheme of things, and it's about a bunch of stuff I disagree with but I loved it anyway because it's about people, and how those people deal with things that don't fit within their worldview
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yeah, that guy. XXX at IMDB


Espionage for dummies - the filmmakers were so impressed with their own stunts and effects that they forget to make a movie around them.


Road to Perdition

Like Sam Mendes's "American Beauty" before it, this movie examines its characters' extreme dark sides -- which it does very well through dialogue, acting, lighting, music and cinematography -- and these extremes reveal every person's ability to do good, in their own little way (and admit it, it's cool to see Tom Hanks shoot people).

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Cured mine.

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