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New !

SciFiAudio is pleased to present a new audio collection - featuring four of the best short stories of the past year on two compact discs:

"The Bones of the Earth"
by Ursula K. LeGuin
read by the author
One of the greatest authors of our age revisits her enchanted world of Earthsea in this tale. A wizard near the end of his career discovers that one last battle awaits him before he can find peace.

"The Dog Said Bow-Wow"
by Michael Swanwick
read by the Ralph Lister
A Vermont Yankee dog visits the court of the Queen of England in this rogueish romp through a far-distant future in which magic and technology are nearly indistinguishable.
Winner of the Hugo Award for best short story of the year!

"Old MacDonald
had a Farm"

by Mike Resnick
read by Warren James
The bio-engineered 'butterballs" were saving the Earth's impoverished billions from starvation. Even vegetarians couldn't object to that, right? These animals exist only to be eaten...
But when a reporter visits the factory farm where the butterballs are grown, he finds that things aren't quite as simple as they seem.

by Michael Burstein
read by Paul Guay
The humans of the far-distant future have progressed beyond bodies, beyond emotion, beyond sex - or have they? One man clings to the ancient ways, avoiding his fellow-beings, happy just to tend his unique collection of spaceships. Happy, that is, until a visitor arrives




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All stories © 2001 by the authors,
used by permission
Audio productions © 2002 by SciFiAudio
Produced by Jeremy Bloom,
Piotr Orlov, and Warren James
Engineered by Gordon Hookailo
at GDH Digital, Glendale, CA
Cover art by from
the Forrest J. Ackerman Collection, used by arrangement with Terry Holdings
Design by Galatea Productions
and SciFiAudio

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