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The Hugo Nominees
Of the hundreds of short stories published every year, only five are chosen to compete for the field's highest honor - The Hugo Award. This special audio collection brings together all five of the short story nominees on two CDs..
Ancient Engines

by Michael Swanwick
read by Gil Gerrard
What does it take to live forever? More than just the simple mechanics of keeping a body alive...

by Terry Bisson
read by Peter Dillard
The Death Penalty isn't always fair -- and sometimes it isn't even final.

Winner of the 2000 Nebula™ award for best short story
Scherzo with Tyrannosaur
by Michael Swanwick
read by Tim Klein

Winner of the 2000 Hugo™ award for best short Story,
this time travel tale takes human passions and transports them 65 million years into the past. One of the most incredible knots of paradox ever constructed in a story.
by Nicholas Di Chario
read by
Laura Brodian Freas

The ghosts of Bosnia haunt a man on a mission to fulfill his grandmother's last request.

Hothouse Flowers
by Mike Resnick
read by Patrick Stinson
When discontent finds its way into paradise, even the most compassionate gardener can be driven to extremes.



Hugo 2000 Cover

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