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Problem Solved
by Ray Vukcevich
read by David LaFontaine
The master of bizarre humor turns his wit to the cockroach problem, and comes up with a typically unique solution.
by Kurt Roth
read by
Kathy Christopherson

As long as there are lovers and as long as there are warriors, there will be goodbye letters written on the eve of battle.
User Error
by John Serna
read by Peter Dillard
If magic really worked and it was marketed by a company like Microsoft, imagine a call to tech support...

by Stanley Schmidt
read by J.R. Esposito
The alien fleet is all set to invade Earth -- what could possibly go wrong?
Honest Ghosts
by Stephen Dedman
read by Tim Klein
Would you know a cinquedilla if one stabbed you in the back? A writer strikes a different sort of bargain with a different sort of devil.


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used by permission
Audio productions © 2000 by Frequency Publishing
Produced by Jaq Greenspon and Jeremy Bloom
Engineered by Wyzard at Everywhere Studios
Cover art by Bob Eggleton
Mixed and mastered by Gordon Hookailo
at GDH Digital, Glendale CA
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