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The Hugo Nominees 2002 cover art SciFiAudio is pleased to present "The Hugo Nominees 2002", a new audio collection featuring four of the best short stories of the past year, by four of the greatest contemporary authors:
Ursula K. LeGuin
Michael Burstein
Mike Resnick

and the Hugo Award winner, Michael Swanwick.
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Science fiction is a genre that doesn't just live on the cutting edge – it defines and often invents it.

With the advent of the MP3, audio will never be the same, and the music industry is still trying to figure out how to deal with it. I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually - in the meantime, SciFiAudio is pleased to lead the way by offering you MP3s and streaming audio of stories, novel excerpts, and interviews.

Over the next few months as we gear up, we'll be adding content to the site on a weekly basis. Stop by often to see what we've got. Right now we're offering a free story as download or streaming audio. We have excerpts of Robert J. Sawyer reading from his new novel, "Hominids". And visit our Playground for more fun stuff....

The Best Science Fiction
You've Ever Heard

Over the past two years, Frequency Audio has brought you the best in new and classic science fiction, fantasy and horror. We've had stories from award-winning authors like Michael Swanwick and Bruce Holland Rogers, as well as young cutting-edge authors like Cory Doctorow, Justina Robson and Kenneth Brady.

And while Frequency has been pleasing to the ears - with the finest in all-digital audio production values - it's also been good for your eyes, with cover art by award-winners like Bob Eggleton. And true to our science fiction roots, we intend to stay on the bleeding edge with our new website. Coming next: download Frequency stories direct from the web. And in October, Volume 4, bringing five new tales to amaze and entertain you.

Author readings and interviews... We've got China Miéville, Robert J. Sawyer, and more.
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Audiobook reviews ... Want to know what happened in the first few seconds of the universe?
Or what to order for dinner during the last few? Check out our audiobook reviews of "The First Three Minutes,""The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and more...
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One-line film reviews ... Most Hollywood movies are sold based on one-line pitches. They call it "High Concept". Sometimes, though, you leave the theater thinking "They must have been high..." so you need our one-line reviews to help steer clear of the real clunkers... go to reviews

Short films & cool stuff...
Stop by the Playground. I'm sure you'll Check out the short film, "Kunstbar"find something to improve your day...

Think you'd like to see your short stories or artwork in Frequency or SciFiAudio?
Check out the guidelines.
SciFiAudio also wants nonfiction contributions, including author interviews and audiobook reviews.
Drop us a note if you're interested in writing for us.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
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SciFiAudio caught up with author China Miéville on the book tour for his new novel, “The Scar.” To hear streaming audio of Miéville reading from the novel, plus an audio interview, click the picture.... Head to China! Hear China Mieville read from “Scars,” plus an audio interview
“Miéville is one of the most imaginative young writers around in any kind of fiction.”
– Steven Poole, The Guardian (UK)

This is not the droid you're looking for... or maybe it is. Click on his shiny metal hide to find out more about “Tripping The Rift”

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