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Coming shortly - new fiction you can download as MP3s...


Listen to "Patron", a slightly warped short-short story from Frequency #3 by Chuck Rothman, read by Carel Struycken (If he looks familiar, there's a good reason... click the link to find out why)

Carel Struycken - the tall silent star of Addams Family, Men In Black, and Frequency #3

Coming soon...

Coming next week SciFiAudio will bring you a selection of high-quality short stories and novellas that you can download directly to your computer, then burn to disc or load into your MP3 player. Prices will range from $0.99 to $3.99 depending on length. The future of science fiction is just around the bend... in the meantime, check out our Audio page for more cool things to keep your ears happy...

Tool and Toys

Next week we'll also be putting up a selection of audio utilities and other goodies to help make your listening experience even more fun. Stop back then...

Other sites

Hour 25 Radio brings you hours of online entertainment - including more audio interviews with Mieville and Sawyer, as well as with your SciFiAudio editor, Jeremy Bloom. Check out this week's guest: artist Bill Stout discussing his dinosaur art. Go to Hour 25 Radio online


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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
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