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caught up with author China Miéville on the book tour for his new novel, "The Scar", at the University Bookstore in Seattle.

Listen to Mi
éville reading an excerpt from "The Scar"...
...and then listen to him discuss Socialism, Surrealism, Tolkien, and RPGs.

"Miéville begins to construct an intriguing plot of espionage and deceit. He gives himself the leisure to elaborate the topography and politics of Armada, as well as the characters and activities of its citizens, to the extent that the reader is gradually won over in sheer astonishment. Every invention is lovingly exploited...
"The Scar eventually demonstrates enough invention and brutal energy, firmly ruled by a calm architectonic intelligence, to show that Miéville is one of the most imaginative young writers around in any kind of fiction."

- Steven Poole, The Guardian (UK)
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Author reading

"The Scar"
by China Miéville

Stylish, smoldering, erudite, witty - China Miéville is reinventing the fantasy genre.

Maybe it's his dark, dangerous and delectable use of language.

Maybe it's because he has a degree from Cambridge (First Class) and a Doctorate from the London School of Economics.

Maybe it's because, in contrast to the elitism and neo-feudalism of a lot of fantasy, he brings a hard-boiled socialist sensibility to the table (he's even run for Parliament).

Whatever the reason, the critics are near-unanimous in singing his praises, and his previous novel, "Perdido Street Station", won both the Arthur C Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award in 2001, as well as being shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award and the Hugo. "Scar", his new novel, is set in the same intricate, fantastic, and dangerous world of Bas-Mal, and will probably earn Miéville more knicknacks for his mantelpiece.

We caught up with Miéville on the American leg of his reading tour, at the Univeristy Bookstore in Seattle. If you've ever stuck around after an author reading, you'll understand what was going on - after the reading and booksigning, a cornucopia of books appeared for Miéville to sign (on behalf of the store).

As we talk, you'll here the books being loaded off a massive cart and clumped down in front of him to receive his signiture...


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(Sorry about the background noise, but they had him signing books while we talked..)

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Miéville online  

Official links...
The semi-official website is at

The official publisher's website has novel excerpts, reviews and (not very new) news. his own words
You won't find any of his short fiction online, but there are several very interesting essays:

"On World Building", a fascinating look at the man behind the curtain, on the Runagate Rampant site.

"Middle Earth Meets Middle England", an extended critique of Tolkien in which he takes to task the "Big Oedipal Daddy" of fantasy for what he gently calls "...a profoundly backward-looking reaction, based on a rural idyll that never existed - Feudalism Lite."

Fantastic Metropolis offers Miéville's views on "50 Fantasy & Science Fiction Works That Socialists Should Read"

... interviews

From March of 2002, Locus Online has excerpts from a lengthy and fascinating interview.

SciFiDimensions has an interview from April 2002 as streaming audio.

The Strange Horizons interview with Cheryl Morgan, from October 2001

From last year, an interview from that looks at his gaming roots and political outlook.

From Amazon.UK, an interview with Roz Kaveney shortly after Perdido Station came out.

… and on's SFWeekly, with David Soyka (September 2001)

From the late lamented Event Horizons, an interview with Ed Bryant from September of 1999.

This fansite doesn't have a lot up, but it does have the text of a Horrorline interview from early in Miéville's career.

Miéville's other novels:

Click on the Cover to purchase "Perdido Street Station" from powells independent booksellers

Miéville's first exploration of the fantastic world of Bas-Lag, which is also the setting of "The Scar" and a third novel, now in progress. "Perdido Street Station won both the August Derlith Award for best novel from the British Fantasy Society, and the Arthur C Clarke Award. It's now shortlisted for the Nebula... and we'll find out next week if it's won the Hugo....

Click on the Cover to purchase "King Rat" from powells independent booksellers

Miéville's first novel, a dark creative journey through a fantastical underground London that evolves off the Drum and Bass electronic music scene. Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.





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