"I write a lot of humorous science fiction. I think this is because I was born on the same day as Isaac Asimov, but in the same city as Weird Al Yankovic."

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"Write everywhere, all the time, as much as possible… even on the new wallpaper with permanent marker."

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Kenneth Brady

Kenneth Brady is a writer, actor, producer and director. He spent a few years working in Hollywood, mostly in development at Disney. He then escaped to Oregon, where it's safer to write. But he is still drawn to Hollywood... so he writes the One-line Movie Review column for SciFiAudio.com.

His short stories have appeared in small press magazines and anthologies around the world, and are starting to appear in more mainstream publications.

Several of his stage plays have been produced, he's sold a screenplay (lost in development somewhere at Miramax)., and he's produced an independent feature film, "Jacks", that has received several awards. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, where he is a member of the Wordos.

He has an almost unnatural fascination with rubber chickens.
know your chicken

Other Cool Stuff
"The Last Halloween"

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Recent Short Fiction
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Recent Foreign Reprints
The Dramaturges of Yann (Greece - Sept '02) "Next Rest Area: 93,000,000 Miles"
The World of English (China - Dec '02)
"Next Rest Area: 93,000,000 Miles"
The Dramaturges of Yann (Greece - Feb '03) "I Saw Three Ships"
Science Fiction World (China - March '03) "Clothes Make the Man"
Science Fiction World (China - June '03) "I Saw Three Ships"

One Evening
a Year

(Wordo Press)
"I Saw Three Ships"


Excellence Award, Maruoka-cho Cultural Foundation of Japan, 2002

Best Picture, "Jacks", AFFMA International Film Festival, Hollywood, 2000
Best Picture, "Jacks", American Digital Arts Festival, Orlando, 2000
Second Prize, "Birdsong" (stage play) ACTF Kennedy Center Northwest Drama Conference, 2002
Honorable Mention, "Jesus Knocking" (stage play), League for Innovation 1999

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