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Listen Now! SciFiAudio caught up with author China Miéville on the book tour for his new novel, "The Scar." To hear streaming audio of Miéville reading from the novel, plus an audio interview, click the picture....
Head to China! Hear China Mieville read from "Scars", plus an audio interview

"Miéville is one of the most imaginative young writers around in any kind of fiction.
- Steven Poole,
The Guardian


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This is not the droid you're looking for... or maybe it is. Click on his shiny metal hide to find out more about "Tripping The Rift"



author pages include readings, interviews, stories, links and more

Newcomer Kenneth Brady has been taking the SF world by storm - this year he's had short fiction appear in Talebones, Strange Horizons, and Ideomancer... more
His short story "Shark Attack" appears in Frequency #3
He also writes SciFiAudio's one-line film reviews

Author Kenneth Brady
China Mieville reading
Stylish, smoldering, erudite, witty - China Mieville is reinventing the fantasy genre.
We have streaming audio of him reading from his latest novel, "The Scar", plus an audio interview, and lots of links... more

See for yourself why
Robert J. Sawyer
is one of the award-winningest authors of our time. His mantelpiece is just crawling with his worldwide collection, from a Nebula, an Edgar, a Seiun (that's from Japan) to
a bunch of Canada's Auroras ...
And with SciFiAudio, you can also hear for yourself - listen to him reading four excerpts from his latest novel, "Hominids"


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Coming this week... more author pages for Ursula K. LeGuin, Michael Swanwick, Mike Resnick, Terry Bisson, Ray Vukcevich and more...

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