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Listen Now! SciFiAudio caught up with author Robert J. Sawyer on the book tour for his new novel, "Hominids". Want to hear an excerpt? Click here....

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More Sawyer! Listen to Warren James chat with Rob about quantum computing and the dating habits of Neanderthals (1:20:46) on the Hour 25 Website.

You can also read the opening chapters at Rob Sawyer's website.


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by Robert J. Sawyer

Bring a Neanderthal from an alternate universe to our world? When the average SF writer does it, he has the poor chap show up in the middle of a big city, to be dazzled by traffic and modern life. When Rob Sawyer does it, he has the Neanderthal materialize in the middle of a neutrino detector, surrounded by heavy water, under two miles of rock. Not only that, but he makes that unusual setting an integral part of the plot.
Cave man, indeed. Sawyer's books are always stocked with great science, but even more, with great people and characters. The combination makes for great fun, great entertainment, and great reading.
See for yourself why Sawyer is one of the award-winningest authors of our time, from the international Nebula to Canada's Aurora to Japan's Seiun.
Rob has much more material at his website,

Listen to Rob on Hour 25 online Radio (click the graphic)

"Hard science fiction is easy. Rising above the facts, figures, phenomena, and fancy gadgets to create a story that is so much more is where the true artistry lies. That rarefied air is where you will find Robert J. Sawyer's novels. Near the top of that even more select list, you will find Sawyer's latest novel, Hominids, a blend of physics, anthropology, and sociology that snatches up the reader with a sharp hook of a first sentence and just keeps gaining speed." -Lisa Dumond, SFSite
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