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A Special Note to our Friends
in the Horror Genre

I just would like to emphasize once more the kind of stories we're looking for:

There can be blood, death, mayhem... but there has to be something bigger than that. And that doesn't mean a great ancient spirit told our protagonist to kill a bunch of people, or a disembodied spirit of evil drove him to kill them. That's just not enough.

We're looking for a wider theme. It could be questioning the values of society; it could be an individual's struggle to overcome... something. The surviving characters should undergo a growth experience, a change, even an epiphany.

As an example of the kind of horror we DO purchase, I'm putting up a special link right here just for you horror writers. It'll allow you to download Kenneth Brady's story from Frequency #3, "Shark Attack". Download it, give it a listen, and then... send us something great!

To download "Shark Attack" by Kenneth Brady,
right-click your mouse here
then select "Save Target As" from the popup menu
and save it to your local directory.







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